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GEC+ Puerto Rico

  • 15 de julio de 2024
  • -
  • 18 de julio de 2024
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Photo of the Puerto Rico Convention Center with a gray geometric block to its right. Text within the block reads 'GEC+ PUERTO RICO JOIN US IN SAN JUAN JULY 15-18, 2024 GECPLUS.CO/PUERTORICO'

Invest Puerto Rico is proud to partner with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) for GEC+ Puerto Rico, a landmark event that will unite top entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers from Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, this landmark event focuses on ‘Vision 2035: An Entrepreneurial Future for Latin America + the Caribbean.’ By charting a strategic roadmap, the conference aims to catalyze a dynamic and thriving economy, fostering innovation, sustainable growth, and inclusive prosperity.

What to Expect

This event is designed to promote collaboration and innovation among founders, investors, ecosystem builders, policymakers, and researchers. The event will feature:

  • Keynote Speeches from influential leaders, including Isabel Casillas-Guzmán, head of the Small Business Administration.
  • Panel Discussions addressing the latest trends and opportunities in technology, investment, and economic development.
  • Networking Opportunities to connect with key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Workshops and Sessions focused on integrating underrepresented communities into the economy and leveraging new technologies.

Key Themes

  • Technological Innovation: Explore how emerging technologies are shaping new industries and driving economic growth.
  • Economic Inclusion: Discuss strategies for integrating underrepresented communities into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Future Opportunities: Identify key opportunities for investment and development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

InvestPR at GEC+ Puerto Rico

InvestPR is excited to play a key role in GEC+ Puerto Rico. Our involvement underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

Hackathon: Take Your Idea to Space!

InvestPR is proud to support the hackathon, “Take Your Idea to Space!” This business plan hackathon is for interdisciplinary teams of entrepreneurs, students, and professionals in aerospace, sustainability, engineering, and business. Entrepreneurial minds interested in expanding human presence in space and using Puerto Rico as a strategic hub for aerospace innovation are invited to participate.

Visit GEC+ Puerto Rico’s website to learn more.

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Director de Desarrollo de negocios


Karen Mojica

Stakeholder Affairs Director

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