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Misión 2024 en Alemania y R. U.

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Gráfico con fondo azul oscuro y texto centrado en blanco que dice "Misión en Alemania y el Reino Unido". Debajo de este texto están los detalles de los eventos: "Hannover Messe, 22 al 24 de abril" y "Londres, 24 al 26 de abril". Debajo de los detalles de los eventos se encuentran los logos de Invest Puerto Rico y Hannover Messe.

Join Invest Puerto Rico as we embark on an exciting mission to Hannover Messe, Germany, followed by engagements in the UK. Discover how we're representing Puerto Rico's vibrant business ecosystem on the global stage.

Hannover Messe 2024

April 22-24, 2024

Invest Puerto Rico is proud to participate in Hannover Messe, one of the world’s largest industrial technology trade fairs. As one of the largest gatherings of industry professionals, Hannover Messe offers a unique platform for us to engage with key stakeholders and highlight the compelling opportunities available in Puerto Rico’s burgeoning tech sector. Our team will be on hand to connect with attendees, sharing insights, and exploring avenues for collaboration.

UK Mission 2024

April 24-26, 2024

Following our presence at Hannover Messe, we’ll head to London to meet with tech, bioscience, and energy companies. From roundtable discussions to one-on-one meetings, we’re eager to showcase why Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for companies looking to expand their operations.

Networking Event

25 de abril de 2026

InvestPR, in partnership with One Nucleus, a life science membership organization based in the UK, invites you to meet with our business development representatives at the Aviation House on April 25, 2024, from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Join us for a discussion on the Biosciences ecosystem and how your business can benefit from expansion into the island.

¿Por qué elegir Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a prime destination for businesses seeking strategic expansion opportunities.

  • Strategic Location: Positioned in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico serves as a gateway to North and South American markets.
  • Tax Advantages: With competitive corporate tax rates and R&D tax credits, Puerto Rico provides significant cost-saving opportunities for businesses looking to optimize their financial strategies.
  • Tech Innovation Hub: Puerto Rico boasts a thriving tech ecosystem fueled by a skilled workforce and supportive infrastructure. The island offers a dynamic environment for innovation and growth, from emerging startups to established tech giants.
  • Bioscience Powerhouse: Recognized as a bioscience powerhouse, Puerto Rico is home to leading companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. With a robust research infrastructure and incentives for bioscience innovation, the island fosters groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.
  • Investment Opportunities: Whether in tech, bioscience, or energy, Puerto Rico offers a wealth of investment opportunities across various industries. From government incentives to collaborative partnerships, businesses can capitalize on the island’s conducive business environment to drive success.

Join us on our Germany & UK Mission to learn why Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for your business expansion endeavors. Discover the advantages of operating in Puerto Rico and explore how Invest Puerto Rico can help you achieve your business goals.

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