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InvestPR’s Second Campaign Highlights the Island as a Premier Destination for Business & Innovation

21 de marzo de 2024
Photo of the Invest Puerto Rico team, with InvestPR CEO Ella Woger-Nieves, Governor Pedro Pierluisi, and InvestPR CMO Nicole Villalte standing at the back.

The “It’s not what’s next, it’s where” campaign showcases the island’s unique capabilities across major industry sectors, underscoring why Puerto Rico is not just a place to invest but a place to thrive.

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – Invest Puerto Rico (InvestPR), the island’s business attraction organization, officially launched its latest marketing campaign, “It’s not what’s next, it’s where.” This pioneering initiative, announced from Popular Plaza in San Juan’s Distrito T-Mobile, is set to transform perceptions and generate greater interest and excitement about Puerto Rico as the ideal destination for business leaders and innovators from around the globe. 

The campaign showcases Puerto Rico's compelling value proposition, including its constantly evolving infrastructure, highly skilled and bilingual talent pool, and the operational security, stability, and protections afforded by being part of the United States, all nestled in the heart of a beautiful island in the Caribbean. It also elevates the profile of key sectors within Puerto Rico's economy, including bioscience, aerospace, technology, and energy.

To develop the campaign, InvestPR tapped the award-winning US-based creative agency PIRO, which collaborated with local production company Latitud18. Together, they created a compelling narrative that spotlights Puerto Rico’s established status as a premier business destination and innovation hub. The campaign was made entirely on the island using local talent in front of and behind the cameras, as well as shot on location with the support of local partners, including the facilities of Lufthansa Technique, CytoImmune Therapeutics, Piloto 151, Foundation for Puerto Rico, Hub787, among others.

Photo of InvestPR CEO Ella Woger-Nieves on stage at the Invest Puerto Rico brand campaign launch event.

Ella Woger-Nieves, Chief Executive Officer of Invest Puerto Rico, highlighted the collective spirit of the campaign: “This campaign transcends beyond a marketing initiative, it’s a call for all of us to stand as ambassadors of our island’s potential. Puerto Rico is not just a place but a promise of innovation, collaboration, and economic growth. By rallying behind this message, we unite in our mission to showcase the island as a premier destination for business. Together, as collaborators to our economy, we’re embracing our role in steering Puerto Rico towards a future brimming with opportunity and prosperity for all.”

The campaign, which will run across the U.S., Canada, and select markets of Europe and Central Asia, combines video content with targeted digital advertising and a dedicated microsite that drives attention to the island's value proposition, including assets and fiscal advantages for businesses considering relocation or expansion. It also leverages social media, email marketing, out-of-home advertising in global cities, and print publications in leading business and industry magazines, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, INC, and Insider, among others. 

Photo of InvestPR CMO Nicole Vilalte on stage at the Invest Puerto Rico brand campaign launch event.

Nicole Vilalte, Chief Marketing Officer of Invest Puerto Rico, detailed the campaign’s marketing strategy: “This campaign casts a spotlight on Puerto Rico as fertile ground for innovation and business excellence. This work is essential in reshaping perceptions and highlighting the island’s unique strengths. It’s a powerful reminder that Puerto Rico stands as a beacon for visionaries who dare to ask ‘where’ and make Puerto Rico the answer to catapult their business to the next level.”

InvestPR's new campaign is poised to reshape perceptions by spotlighting Puerto Rico's world-class capabilities to reposition the island as an investment destination and innovation hub. This effort also amplifies the island's efforts to attract more businesses and investment, accelerate economic development, promote sustainable growth, and create more job opportunities for the people of Puerto Rico, translating directly into tangible benefits for the local community.

Photo of Governor Pedro Pierluisi on stage at the Invest Puerto Rico brand campaign launch event.

On his part, Governor Pedro Pierluisi highlighted that “Invest Puerto Rico has been an important pillar of our economic progress, enhancing our attributes as a highly competitive jurisdiction for innovation and investment in growth areas such as biosciences, energy, aerospace, and technology. Consistent with our strategic framework, PRopósito, Puerto Rico has positioned itself as a leader in these industries.”

Manuel Cidre, Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC), noted: “Invest Puerto Rico is a great ally of the DDEC, and through this new campaign, the enormous business potential that the Island has will be shown, especially in the technology, aerospace, bioscience, energy, among others, which are an important driving force for our economic development. This effort will help us attract new investors who will take advantage of the benefits we offer, with the help of a skilled and specialized workforce that puts us on the map when competing with other markets”.

InvestPR works with diverse stakeholders to position Puerto Rico as a world-class destination for business and investment. In the last five years, the organization has successfully accelerated the island’s economic development with commitments of over $1B in capital investments, 20,000 new jobs, and the establishment of nearly 2,500 new businesses. To view the “It’s not what’s next, it’s where” campaign and learn more about Invest Puerto Rico’s efforts, visit www.investpr.org/innovation.

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